What People Say About Neil

Michael D.

“My professional relationship with Neil began around 8 years ago, when he had just begun coaching clients. I was someone who could contribute a lot to whatever company I joined, but had a lot of trouble conveying my potential properly during the interview process. As such, the recruiting process was a particularly tough experience for me. That was when I sought Neil, who stepped in to help me recognize my strengths, and more importantly, taught me how to produce and maintain a deep level of confidence (as opposed to traditionally acting it out through visual cues, such as maintaining eye contact and giving strong handshakes). By commanding confidence, I was able to command the interview, and faced recruiters as an equal, resulting in numerous offers. Today, I have moved on from corporate into entrepreneurship where I’ve been for the past 4 years, but as I now sit on the recruiter’s side, I find myself looking for those same traits that Neil helped me embody. As such, I only have immense respect for Neil’s insight at such an early point back then in his coaching career. Thank you Neil!”

Michael D. - Shenzhen, China

Justin H.

“I saw so much improvement immediately. I am not constantly worried about interviews and Neil helped me realize a lot of my strengths. I became more confident after each session and Neil tailored the sessions to fit my exact needs. The best investment I have ever made in myself!”

Justin H. - San Francisco, CA

Elly K.

“I learned about not doubting myself, and not to assume that a company won’t contact me because of my English ability. I was pleased with our sessions. It gave me direction and more confidence in my ability to take more initiative when preparing for an interview by myself. I’d just like to express my continued appreciation for your professional effort and guidance!”

Elly K. - Los Angeles, CA

Harp R.

“This service was referenced to me by a friend of mine and I am so glad I reached out to Neil. He completely destroyed my resume (in a good way). He made me realize how unaligned my resume was to the career path of my choice. He helped me redefine myself not only on paper but also in an interview setting. His process is very clear and there is transparency through out the services. I highly recommend investing in your career through the interview professional.”

Harp R. - Punjab, India

Jaspreet D.

“Neil is very approachable and helpful, he maintained contact with me throughout the interview experience. He is not only a coach, but also a friend. He is personable and gives great constructive feedback. My sessions with him were very efficient, and I got wonderful benefits from all the time I spent with him. You can tell he really enjoys his work and enjoys seeing others succeed! I would definitely recommend Neil and his service to others!”

Jaspreet D. - San Francisco, CA

Stewart U.

“Great experience, and I would recommend The Interview Professional to any individual who is preparing for any sort of professional interview. Their sessions are very unique and extremely beneficial.”

Stewart U. - Maryland

David L.

“Wow, Neil takes a completely different approach from everyone else. Initially I always found myself struggling through the interview process and I used to just keep talking with the hopes of answering the question. I did not have any proper guidance. In the first session with Neil, he taught me a couple unique strategies to answer many interview questions. I felt way more confident after the first session and I would highly recommend him.”

David L. - Seoul, Korea

Josh T.

“I always lacked a lot of confidence going into the interview. I did not think that my experience was good enough and just tried to appease the recruiters. Neil broke down my resume into different parts and showed me how I could contribute and add value to the positions that I was applying for. He helped me strategize and form my answers. I felt more confident and more comfortable after a couple sessions with him.”

Josh T. - Berkeley, CA

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